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Lawn Care Planner

Generate a monthly lawn care plan for your exact location and grass type!

Find lawn care plans for any location in the United States for many different grass types including Bermuda, Centipede, Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Rye, St. Augustine, and Zoysia.

Welcome to Lawn Care Planner! This site is designed to create a personalized schedule for your annual lawn care. It utilizes Normal Daily Temperature data for your area, and estimates dates when specific lawn care activities should be completed.

Your personal planner includes a recommended schedule for fertilizer, grass seed, mowing, weed control, and insect control.

The information on this site should be used for planning purposes only, and actual weather forecasts and conditions should be used to pinpoint exact dates. I hope this information helps you to grow and maintain a thicker, greener lawn free from pests such as crabgrass and grub worms!