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Ohio Lawn Care Plans

Residents of Ohio, know that caring for your lawn is an integral part of homeownership, more so in our state, where varied climatic conditions and soil types can pose unique challenges. To maintain a lush, green yard, you'll need a dynamic, DIY lawn care plan that includes regular mowing, timely fertilizing, strategic seeding, and more.

In Ohio, the best time to start your lawn care regimen is the early spring, as the soil begins to warm up post the winter dormancy. Start mowing your grass once it reaches a height of around 3 inches. This usually occurs in the mid to late spring, depending on the specific region of Ohio you reside in. The key to mowing is to do it regularly but never cut more than one-third of the grass blade at once.

Fertilizing in Ohio should ideally take place in late spring or early summer when the grass begins to actively grow. Use a slow-release, granular fertilizer that provides the nutrients your turf needs. For seeding, late summer to early fall is typically the optimal time. Ohio lawns, predominantly composed of Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, or Tall Fescue, flourish when overseeding is done during this period of warm soil and cool air. After seeding, water daily until the new grass is established and mow only when the grass is dry to minimize clippings and disease spread.

By dedicating time and effort towards tailoring and following a lawn care plan that respects Ohio’s specific conditions, you can maintain a beautiful lawn that is both the envy of your neighbors and a safe haven for your leisure activities. So put on your gardening gloves and jump-start your lawn's health today. The rewards are worth it.

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